Our Projects


Streetrangers Movement

  • We do outreach to 200 homeless in our database, every Saturdays & Sundays. Volunteers have to cook 150-200 packs of hot food and help distribute the food at night.
    We also feed nutritious meals to the underprivileged students we serve in Edurangers project.

    Project Edurangers

    • We adopt 5 communities around Klang Valley – Kampung Sg Tua, Kampung Sri Gombak Indah, Flat Kenanga Gombak Permai, Flat Taman Sri Murni Selayang and PPRT Batu Muda.
      Each volunteer have to teach up to 5 children, 4 contact hours every week. Subjects include
      literacy for the illiterate, and English & Maths for the literate.


Pixel Garage

  • A cool space for underprivileged and unemployed youths to learn graphic design, in which is useful in marketing, branding and merchandising.
    Volunteer trainers teach the youths graphic design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and photography know-how, and lead the youths to proper jobs and their own portfolio.

    Kampung Chef

    • A hub of youths who are passionate in cooking and entrepreneurship.
      Kampung Chef is where they get practical culinary training, entrepreneurship training, micro-capital, and start their own food business.

      Sedapnya by The Nasi Lemak Project

      • This is the social business which sustains TNLP.
        TNLP cultivates poor families to be quality food producers, and creates market through effective marketing and Sedapnya branding. We sell Nasi Lemak and various other delicacies in selected kiosks nationwide, online catering order and office lunch subscription.

        Stingarden Theatre Project

      • Stingarden, colloquial for “setinggan” or slums in Malay language. Theatre projects with our urban poor communities, in collaboration with university theatre production houses, with the aim of staging it after 6 months for project sustainability


    Lepak Library

    • Creating sustainable community libraries and learning spaces in 6 impoverished Malaysian communities.

      Projek Banjir

      • We mobilize the power of youths every year to help with post-flood operations in the North and East Coast of Malaysia, every flood season.

        Unemployment Lab

      • An open learning space in The Nasi Lemak Project headquarters with monthly workshops for unemployed youths, and a monthly job counter. Aimed to train youths essential job-skills such as Microsoft Excel, effective communication, resume-building and etiquette.

        Seni Kita

        • Children in poverty are taught useful arts skills such as T-shirt printing, creating wearable accessories and merchandising. We help them market their merchandises for sustainability.